Discussion Questions

We are very interested in drawing on your collective knowledge and expertise to help us get our heads around some of the complexities of examining composing through multilingual and multimodal lenses. To that end, we hope to use our presentation as a starting point for discussion of:

  1. What might it mean to conceive of a pedagogy that capitalizes on the rich and layered communicative strategies of multilingual / multimodal humans?
  2. What does what we, as a field, have learned about embracing multimodal composing teach us about how to embrace the composing strategies of multilingual writers?
  3. What do we need to do to widen our approach to and understanding of multimodality to make it “multilingual” or “multicultural” ?
  4. How do we deepen and enrich our understanding of “being” and “crafting” multimodally and multilingually in productive ways for our classrooms, our research, and how we move through the world?