Shimla Agreement Signed Between

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To achieve this goal, the two Governments agreed that the principles and purposes set forth in the Charter of the United Nations would regulate bilateral relations and resolve disputes by “peaceful means through bilateral negotiations or other peaceful means mutually agreed upon”. In February 1999, the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif, signed the Lahore Declaration. U.S. President Donald Trump`s recent statement on plausible mediation in the Kashmir dispute — between India and Pakistan — has once again shed light on the 1972 shimla agreement. The Shimla Agreement was signed in order to lay the foundations for a cooperative relationship focused on people-to-people contact. The agreement emphasizes respect for each other`s sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity. It also mentions non-interference in the internal affairs of the other and the flaw in hostile propaganda. Both governments will all do their power to prevent hostile propaganda against each other. The two countries will encourage the dissemination of information that would promote the development of friendly relations between them. The agreement was reached by mutual agreement and signed after the 1971 Indo-pak War, after which East Pakistan was liberated, which led to the formation of Bangladesh. Maintain the inviolability of the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, which is one of the largest CBMs between India and Pakistan and a key to lasting peace. Simla Agreement on bilateral relations between India and Pakistan, signed by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the President of Pakistan, for example, Mr Bhutto, in Simla on 2 July 1972.

Shimla deal: Donald Trump said in a statement recently that Prime Minister Modi had asked him to mediate in the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. India categorically rejected Trump`s claims and said the prime minister had not asked such a question. But Trump`s claim to Kashmir has turned into a big controversy because it violates the 1972 shimla agreement. The United States has always said before that the Kashmir issue must be settled bilaterally by India and Pakistan. India has also firmly affirmed that its dispute in Kashmir with Pakistan is bilateral and that no third party plays a role in it. That is why Trump`s recent statement marks a big change from the previous attitude of the United States on this subject. . . .