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On the other hand, this second sentence is about the dollar itself, so we need a plural verblage: confusing, right? And this is just one example of subjects that look plural, but are actually singular. As we will see in a moment, there are many others! However, an important exception is the verb “to be.” This verb changes the form for different subjects in the past. – A cat eats grilled fish. (Cat is SingularSubstantif, eating is singular) Turn this headache topic-verb into something relaxing and simple! We hope you can see that it`s really not as difficult as it seems. Teaching the rules of subject-verb conformity can be less daunting if you use these simple steps to follow in order: To help you improve your writing, I`ve created these two tables of topics that most often lead students to make mistakes with the subject-verb agreement. It is quite obvious that the subject that it is is singular, that is to say used with the singular verb, and that the school subject is plural, so with the plural verb is used. Perhaps the only tricky topic here is walking and swimming, which is a plural topic because it contains TWO elements. But in the past, our verb form is the same as before: Nick and I discuss the subject/verb chord in one of our most popular podcast episodes – just click Play to listen now: 1. True or false: themes and verbs should always match in number and in time form Please, make sure you take the time, learn these rules before the day of the exam. You should NEVER make subject/verb mistakes in your trials – they are really characteristic of a 6.0 student, and it`s a real shame to have to give a 6.0 to a student who otherwise has good grammar just because their subjects don`t match their verbs…