Rackspace Hosting Agreement

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You can resell the accommodation services subject to the provisions of paragraph 18 of the Terms and Conditions. If you resell some of the hosting services containing Microsoft software, you must include Microsoft`s terms and conditions published on www.rackspace.com/aboutus/legal/microsoftlicense.php in a written agreement with your customers. The initial duration of the agreement begins on the start date of the service (unless otherwise stated in Section 2.2 (Deferred availability) and continues for the period indicated in the service description. At the end of the initial term, we may offer you the option to renew the contract for one or more additional conditions with a fixed number of months. If you do not extend the contract for a fixed period, it will automatically be extended by one month, unless one of us grants at least thirty (30) days in advance a written notification of non-renewal. If you add service elements to the system hosted by a subsequent agreement, we can use the word “coterminous” to describe the initial duration of the subsequent agreement for these additional elements. If the duration of an agreement is “staggering,” the initial duration of the agreement expires on the last day of the initial duration of the agreement that originally established the hosted system. As part of the agreement, ingram Micro Services Division now offers Rackspace`s managed and cloud hosting solutions as part of its Sismic Managed portfolio of services to the distributor`s more than 1,600 seismic partners across North America, as well as its base for general solution providers. To raise awareness among Ingram Micro`s network partners, the first Cloud Summit and the 4th Annual Partner Conference in Dallas, Texas, June 7-9, will present the new “As-a-Service Infrastructure” (IaaS) solutions from June 7-9. 8.

FEES 8.1 Your first invoice includes: (i) an installation fee (if applicable); (ii) a one-time fee (if any); (iii) a periodic monthly fee; and (iv) a tax for prepaid service (s) (if applicable). Recurring monthly fees are set from the start date of the service until the last day of the calendar month (subject to the free time agreed between you and Rackspace). We may ask you for a payment before the start date of the service (a “prepayment”). We rely on this prepayment on the original invoice or invoices we insert into your account. After the start of the service, the recurring monthly fee is charged in advance at the beginning of each calendar month. “Utility Fee,” which refers to the fees for services charged when they are used, such as virtual machines, e-mail and applications, bandwidth charges and overruns, are charged monthly late. If we agree that you pay in advance for all or part of the term, this advance payment is exclusive to all incidental costs. The term utility fees can be used interchangeably with the term “non-recurring fees.” 8.2 Fees are due within five (5) days of the billing date. If you have agreed to pay by credit card or bank transfer, Rackspace may incriminate your card or account on the date or after the billing date. 8.3 In the event of a delay of more than thirty (30) days, Rackspace may calculate interest on outstanding amounts of 1.5% per month; 8.3.2 Suspend all services and services provided under an independent agreement if you do not pay the outstanding amount within four (4) working days of our written communication to your account. You agree to pay appropriate rehiring fees if your services are reinstated after a suspension for non-payment.

8.4 In the event that Rackspace sues for late payment of valid invoices, you will also have to pay Rackspace`s collection fees, including legal fees, legal fees and court costs.