Community Property Agreement Arizona

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Another important approach is that just because the Community is made redundant does not mean that the party earning less money does not have recourse. For example, the higher income party may have an obligation to substen and / or maintain the children, which is mentioned elsewhere on this site. Spouses may also change a common ownership of a house to separate ownership of one of the spouses by executing a disclaimer document or quit Claim certificate during the marriage. Some of the more complex valuation issues of the joint ownership division in Arizona on the value of a business and the sharing of stock options. A disclaimer document can be granted by the house to the other spouse as exclusive and separate property. That agreement shall be accepted by the General Court as long as it is not an unfair agreement. For example, acquiring a new home during marriage can raise difficult questions about co-ownership during divorce. What if there was a separate ownership contribution? What if the title was held in the name of one party and not the other? What if, for credit reasons, the mortgage was held by only one party? There may also have been an inheritance or essential gift from the family of one of the spouses during the marriage, the proceeds of which were used to purchase real estate or to pay off a mortgage. Arizona jurisprudence will have control in the vast majority of situations, but there are often difficult legal issues and different interpretations of the law. A court can do this if a spouse wastes community property. Problems related to separate and communal ownership can, in some cases, be very technical. It is always wise to consult a qualified family law lawyer to discuss these types of issues and how they apply to your particular case.

Arizona is one of 10 states of common ownership. You may owe your spouse`s debt, even if you weren`t aware of it. Many people have questions about collective property laws in Arizona and want to know if Arizona is a condominium state. Generally speaking, adding the name of the other spouse to a single, separate account does not turn the account into common ownership (provided that the account is not mixed and cannot be found). The court will consider the party`s intent by adding the name of their spouse to the decision. In addition to community ownership, there are also debts that need to be distributed. .