Sale Of Personal Goodwill Agreement

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Good business or goodwill must be personal to the selling shareholder and be separated from the company`s good business. Determining the capacity, experience, knowledge or personal relationships of shareholders is a thorough investigation. If a seller is considering a sale of C Corporation`s assets and an embedded profit is at stake, consideration should be given to allocating a portion of the purchase price to personal good business. However, the idea must have a basis in reality. In the best case, the partner/manager has an excellent professional reputation and close contacts with customers and suppliers. The Finanzgericht d`Estate of Adell then considered the impact of personal goodwill in an inheritance assessment of the value of the deceased`s shares in a capital company.5 The Finanzgericht found that the company`s success was due to the personal goodwill of the deceased`s son, arguing that the deceased`s son`s personal relationship with the clients and the expertise was decisive for the success of the company. The court also recognized that the deceased`s son had not transferred his goodwill to the company through a non-compete agreement, but was rather free to use his relationships to compete directly with the company. Many sellers prefer a transaction to be structured as a sale of shares and not as a sale of assets, which avoids a problem of integrated profit and the resulting tax liability. Buyers want to do the opposite for a variety of reasons. When the assets of company C are sold, shareholders have to make the profit and deal with the problem of double taxation, in which profits are taxed at the company level and re-established at the individual level when the proceeds are distributed to shareholders. Revenues that can be used for the sale of a personal asset, such as. B personal goodwill, avoid the problem of double taxation. In a number of cases, the appropriate application and limitation of those who would claim personal goodwill in connection with the sale of a private enterprise have been further defined.

Among these cases, we can mention: in this scenario, the recording of personal goodwill reduces the value of the company`s assets and thus reduces the taxable profit for the company. . . .