Power Purchase Agreement Minnesota

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Kansas distribution co-ops are adding more than 20 megawatts of solar power over the next two years through power capture contracts with an Arkansas-based cooperative solar developer, and Minnesota`s Great River Energy has announced a 200 MW deal with a wind turbine. “This renewable energy purchase contributes to MMPA`s renewable portfolio and reduces MMPA`s carbon footprint in a low-cost way,” said Oncu Er, Chief Operating Officer of Avant Energy, Inc., MMPA`s management partner. About the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency The Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) provides electricity to twelve member municipalities which, in turn, supply and sell electricity to their private and commercial customers. Its members include municipal services in Anoka, Arlington, Brownton, Buffalo, Chaska, East Grand Forks, Elk River, Le Sueur, North St Paul, Olivia, Shakopee and Winthrop. MMPA`s management partner is Avant Energy, a Minneapolis-based energy management company and an innovative provider of energy project development, management, trade, consulting and procurement. JACKSON COUNTY, Minn., June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Scout Clean Energy (“Scout”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a power agreement with the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) to purchase 200 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy from the Three Waters Wind Farm in Jackson County, Minnesota. While some sites have many opportunities to install solar and wind energy, universities with limited space or cash reserves can buy renewable energy. Financing options such as PDOs avoid upfront costs and incentivize developers to develop additional capacity for renewable energy. “For a small cooperative like twin Valley Electric Cooperative, which has very few employees, a turnkey agreement is perfect,” said Angie Erickson, CEO of the Altamont-based cooperative, which serves about 3,000 meters. She added that the agreement offers the cooperative the opportunity to provide solar energy to its members, without requiring additional training and skills for its small employees.

Last month, the Agency accepted Xcel Energy`s request to make the program an ongoing initiative. The company has sought to expand because the program, created in 2017, has been fully subscribed and there is additional demand from customers. Unmet demand for its two renewable energy programs is more than three times stronger than current enrollment, the company said. The agency also accepted Xcel`s request to terminate its second green program called Windsource and transfer customers and resources from the program to the R*C program. Xcel will transfer R*C pilot customers to the monthly R*C program option and terminate pilot service contracts for those customers. . . .